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The Best Restaurant Leftover You're Leaving Behind Too Frequently
Free bread and leftover meals usually end up in restaurant take-home boxes, but there’s one item you’re leaving behind that can be very useful in the kitchen.
You’ve probably never considered bringing home the leftover bones of a roast chicken or T-bone steak, but these remains are a secret goldmine.
Bones and other odds and ends, like veggie scraps and garnishes, should be saved from your plate to make a flavorful stock or bone broth.
The stock can be used to make soups, sauces, gravies, and more. Instead of getting one or two meals out of your leftovers, you can get tons of use and re-use.
Alternatively, you can take bones home as a treat for your dog. Just remember to freeze or refrigerate unused scraps as soon as possible to limit bacterial growth.