iced matcha latte in glass
The Best Ratio For A Refreshing Iced Matcha
Matcha is traditionally enjoyed hot, but is now popular in iced beverages. While mixing it with water is the most common serving method, using milk can also be delicious.
For a balanced iced matcha, whether you use water or milk as a base, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of the potent green tea powder for every cup of liquid.
Since matcha doesn't dissolve, but rather suspends itself in liquid, sift it beforehand so it's as fine as possible. If you're using milk, mix the matcha with hot water before use.
Mix the teaspoons of matcha with water using a matcha whisk, handheld frother, or cocktail shaker. Pour it over ice, or mix it with milk and then pour over ice, to finish.
You can change the ratio depending on the tea itself. With high-quality ceremonial matcha, consider using two spoonfuls and no sweetener, since it's more sweet and less bitter.