Vanilla soft serve in front of U.S. flag and map
The Best Places To Order Soft Serve Ice Cream In The US
Broadway Dairy Maid
This soft serve joint in Everett, MA is generationally loved and offers classics flavors and more adventurous ones like pistachio, coffee, and banana soft serve.
Apple Cart
Apple Cart in Cleveland, OH sells top-notch soft serve, no-frills options, and a few extras like dips, nuts, and fruit. This spot is cash only, so stop by an ATM first.
There are multiple Honeymee locations in the Los Angeles area. All of their honey products come from a local, certified bee farm, and the milk is Kosher-certified.
Honeymee has ice cream like the yuzu affogato, with yuzu pulp and honey, and the matcha affogato, topped with a thick honey drizzle. The ice cream isn't cloyingly sweet, either.
Kohr Bros
The Northeast chain Kohr Bros serves frozen custard with that creamy, dairy swirl and features unique flavors like black cherry, cool mint, and bubblegum.
Sweet EMOtion
Kansas City-based Sweet EMOtion’s tagline is: "Sweet Treats and Sad Jams." The restaurant’s specialty is oat milk soft serve, and it has lots of vegan toppings.