Sesame oil on a spoon
The Best Place To Store Sesame Oil Might Not Be The Pantry
Sesame oil is essential in several Asian cuisines, providing umami to salads, stir-frys, and marinades. However, unlike canola or vegetable oil, sesame oil can easily go bad.
Sesame oil should be stored airtight, away from light and heat. You can also refrigerate it for extended shelf life, which may be a necessity for certain climates or oil varieties.
If you live in a hot and humid area, or your home feels that way, store sesame oil in the fridge to slow oxidation and preserve its aroma and flavor. This way, it won't go rancid.
Refined sesame oil will do fine in the pantry at mild climates, but unrefined, intensely-flavored sesame oil is always best stored in the fridge to prevent oxidation.
Sesame oil may thicken and look cloudy after being stored in the fridge, but letting it come to room temperature restores it to its original state.