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The Best Method To Freeze Slice-And-Bake Cookie Dough
Christmas is just around the corner, but the merriest season is also the busiest, especially when you want to bake many batches of holiday cookies. To save time, many home bakers freeze their cookie dough in pre-formed balls, but slice-and-bake cookies take up much less space and are also fairly easy to prepare.
Making slice-and-bake cookies, AKA refrigerator cookies or ice box cookies, involves rolling cookie dough into a log, chilling it in the fridge until solid, and moving it to the freezer; then, you simply slice off thin rounds for baking. However, storing your dough in plastic wrap can let air seep in, causing freezer burn,
To combat this, cover your cookie dough log very tightly in plastic wrap, then add a second protective layer of aluminum foil on the outside. From there, you can freeze the dough for up to three months, and when you’re ready to bake, thaw the log completely in the refrigerator, slice, and bake according to your recipe.