Pieces of broccoli falling in the air isolated on white background
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The Best Method For Cooking Tender, Flavorful Broccoli
There are lots of great ways to cook broccoli, all of which are fairly easy, but the best method for getting flavorful broccoli is sautéing.
Not only will sautéing broccoli maintain the flavorful, crispy caramelization you get from roasting the broccoli, but it’ll brighten the broccoli's color instead of dulling it.
Sautéing broccoli is as simple as adding a bit of oil to a sauté pan and heating it over medium-high heat, before adding some broccoli and salt for a few minutes.
Once the side of the floret touching the pan caramelizes, quickly stir the florets and move them around the pan until they are fork-tender.
Make sure the florets are similar in size so they cook through at the same time. If they are extra big, add a touch of water after they brown and pop the pan lid on to steam.