Tasty vanilla ice scoops in bowl on blue wooden rustic table. Closeup.
The Best Kinds Of Bourbon To Pair With Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla ice cream and bourbon are truly delicious together, and both the bourbon and the ice cream you choose will play a crucial role in creating the perfect pairing.
According to Häagen-Dazs, you should pair sweeter bourbons with intensely flavored vanilla ice creams, and opt for lighter bourbons when enjoying mellower vanilla flavors.
If you usually go for a higher-quality ice cream that uses real vanilla, and has a short list of ingredients and few additives, it will go well with a splash of aged bourbon.
The aging process of bourbon helps to create a smoother, richer, and sweeter spirit that will stand up to the richness of ice cream. "Straight" bourbon is preferable.
The label on the bourbon bottle should clearly state how long it's been aged. To be labeled "straight" bourbon, it must sit in its charred oak containers for at least two years.
Still, don't reach for expensive, top-shelf stuff that you'd normally sip alone. Go for a bottle that's been aged a couple of years, pour a splash over the ice cream, and enjoy.