3 cast iron skillets on a counter.
The Best Kind Of Skillet For Foolproof Caramelized Onions
Patience and technique are requirements for achieving the perfect caramelized onions, but selecting the best skillet is equally important for a foolproof cooking process.
Having a big surface area plays a large factor in the caramelization process, so you will want to get a skillet that is wider rather than deep.
Another reason to avoid the tall-sided pans is to allow you more room to access the onions and stir them easily, which you'll be doing regularly as the onions cook.
This is why a cast iron skillet, renowned for its impressive heat retention, offers a splendid canvas for caramelization.
Its naturally non-stick and seasoned surface prevents burning but still allows the formation of fond, which are those delightful brown bits.
Stainless steel skillets are also a great option because they offer a quick response to changes in heat and develop fond much faster than their cast iron counterpart.