An overflowing bowl of classic potato salad topped with red onion
The Best Kind Of Potatoes To Use For Classic Potato Salad
The key to great potato salad (regardless of recipe) is using the right type of potato, and the best choices are waxy varieties, like new potatoes, fingerlings, and red potatoes.
Waxy potatoes better withstand all of the boiling and mixing that goes into making the side dish, have a creamier texture, won’t turn to mush, and can be added without peeling.
These potatoes are also smaller, so you don't have to dice them because cutting them in half is sufficient, which makes the process faster.
Though not ideal, Yukon Gold potatoes also hold up well when diced, boiled, and mixed and will work well if you're making a creamier (Think: Lots of mayonnaise) potato salad.
Stay away from using russet potatoes as they contain higher levels of starch and are more likely to turn to mush, resulting in a mashed potato-like texture.