Salsa in bowls with tortilla chips around them on a tray and white surface
The Best Kind Of Onion To Use In Traditional Mexican Salsa
You might think any kind of onion will work for salsa, but choosing the right type can have a huge impact. For most types of Mexican salsa, you’ll want to go with white onions.
White onions have a pleasantly savory taste and contribute a milder, more balanced flavor to salsa, allowing other ingredients to shine while still adding a hint of sharpness.
The texture of white onions also lends itself well to salsa. These onions are crisp and firm, and hold up nicely even when chopped and combined with other ingredients.
Not only do white onions enhance the flavor and texture of salsa, but the white color stands out against the vibrant hues of the tomatoes, tomatillos, or other ingredients.