Chocolate ice cream melting on spoon on black surface
The Best Kind Of Cocoa Powder To Use For Chocolate Ice Cream
Dutch-process cocoa powder is milder than natural cocoa, made with cocoa bean solids washed in an alkaline solution. Its smooth flavor is perfect for chocolate ice cream.
Thanks to its alkaline treatment, Dutch-process cocoa is less acidic. This allows it to dissolve evenly in an ice cream base for an even, dark color and deep chocolatey flavor.
When making chocolate ice cream, you should also incorporate melted chocolate into the base in addition to Dutch-process cocoa. This provides a deeper flavor than powder alone.
You'll only need 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder for a 1-quart batch of ice cream. Make sure you sift the powder as you measure it to break up any lumps for a smoother scoop.