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The Best Ingredient To Spice Up Store-Bought Hummus
Hummus is a smooth and creamy dip traditionally made with chickpeas, and it's high in fiber and protein, making it a delicious and healthy snack. Plus, hummus is incredibly versatile, pairing well with pita chips, veggies, or whatever you have on hand — but if you want to take your hummus to the next level, try adding this mix-in.
Popular hummus mix-ins include curry and turmeric to add a depth to the flavor, or you could mix in either cayenne or roasted red pepper. However, for those that like to experiment, try adding wasabi to spice up your hummus; while this ingredient is typically used in Japanese cuisine, you don't have to stop there.
This unexpected ingredient comes from the same family as mustard and horseradish, and with its spicy, sinus-clearing properties, wasabi pairs well with the creamy base of hummus. If you enjoy the burn and want to add even more flavor, try mixing in a bit of ginger, which will amplify the kick of wasabi.