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The Best Fat To Use In Homemade Tortillas
Besides the grains used to make them, one of the biggest differences between flour and corn tortillas is that most flour tortillas contain fat, while corn tortillas traditionally do not. If you want to make your flour tortillas, don't just add olive oil or butter you have laying around and call it a day; use this fat instead for the best tortillas.
Liquid fats, such as oil, or fats with any sort of water content, such as butter, are not what you want for your tortilla dough. Water will alter the ratio of fat to flour, which can ruin the texture of the dough; for this reason, Danny Mena tells Epicurious that you need to use a fat that stays solid at room temperature, such as lard.
You can also use shortening to make tortillas, but lard delivers the best flavor and is healthier than you think. Compared to butter, lard has less "bad" fats and more of the good stuff, with higher amounts of monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids — it's still not as slim as olive oil, but for delicious tortillas, it's worth it.