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The Best Cutting Method To Amplify The Flavor Of Collard Greens
Collard greens are a truly delicious and iconic soul food side dish, but they can take forever to cook. The slicing technique known as a chiffonade can speed things up.
Chiffonading involves slicing ingredients like vegetables into thin ribbons. When cut this way, the hardy collard greens will no longer require hours of cooking.
Simply stack a pile of leaves together, tightly roll the whole stack into a thin cigar-like shape, and thinly slice it. The goal is to end up with uniform, very narrow ribbons.
After chiffonading, sauté the greens with olive oil, or go all the way by cooking them down with onions and garlic, stock, seasonings, and hot sauce or vinegar.
You'll wind up with a pot full of hearty yet delicate greens in a savory, spicy stock that will remind you why collard greens are called "soul food" in the first place.