Steak and eggs with toast and hashbrowns on a white plate
The Best Cut Of Steak To Eat With Your Morning Eggs
The best cut of steak to serve with eggs for breakfast needs to be cheap, tender, and flavorful without much dressing up. Top sirloin fits this bill better than any other cut.
Most likely, you’re not going to have time to marinate or brine a breakfast steak to make it tender, so you need a cut that can take a quick, hard sear in a pan and still be soft.
The same logic goes for flavor; you want steak that tastes like steak, with minimal additions. The minimalist approach provides that classic, hearty steak and egg experience.
Top sirloin comes from the rear of the cow, where the muscles get more work, which gives the cut a naturally stronger beefy flavor without needing any sauce.
Try to find a top sirloin with the best marbling because it’s often a lean cut, which helps make it affordable. Make sure that it’s labeled top sirloin and not just sirloin.