Mongolian beef over rice served on a plate
The Best Cut Of Steak For Melt-In-Your-Mouth Mongolian Beef
For crispy yet tender Mongolian beef, a Chinese-American classic, buying the right cut of steak is just as important as using a proper cooking process and the correct seasonings.
Flank steak is the ideal cut to make Mongolian beef perfect. It's affordable, and its lean yet slightly marbled texture cooks to perfection with a high-heat, quick sear.
The beefy flavor will combine well with caramelized crust, and the steak will have enough time to crisp up before it overcooks. The meat should be cut as thinly as possible.
The steak should also be cut against the grain for more tenderness. Other steak cuts that work well with high-heat cooking, like sirloin, will also work for Mongolian beef.
Avoid any stewing cuts like chuck, which require a longer cooking time than a quick stir-fry. Combine your flank steak with a great Mongolian beef sauce and you can't go wrong.