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The Best Cut Of Steak, According To Jacques Pépin
Jacques Pépin's food and wine knowledge is invaluable, so when he discusses his techniques for his original creations, we pay attention. Now that the renowned chef has mentioned which steak cut is his favorite, our ears are wide open.
A New York strip steak is Jacques Pépin's favorite. In a 1991 edition of his KQED show "Today's Gourmet with Jacques Pépin," Pépin cuts steak from a side of beef that he will cook in a red wine sauce and declares to the camera, "For the steak we are doing today, we're getting the best piece of meat: This is a New York strip."
In a video of Pépin grilling steak on Food & Wine, Pépin again reaches for an entire loin, which he cuts into New York strip steaks, and says, "I have a beautiful steak here. This is a strip loin or a New York strip ... it's certainly the best." Over the years, Pépin has remained loyal to this cut, saying in the video, "I would rather have this. This is really good."