Variety of raw pork cuts spread on a counter
The Best Cut Of Pork For Making A Shake-And-Bake Dinner
When it comes to shake-and-bake dinners, the consensus is that thinner cuts of pork crisp up better and cook more evenly. The ideal pork loin chops are ½-inch to 1-inch thick.
Butcher Rob Levitt recommends using pork chops that are one inch thick and trimmed with about ¼ inch of fat along the edge, baked at 400 degrees F.
The choice between bone-in or boneless pork chops is largely personal; boneless chops cook faster, while bone-in chops offer a juicier, more flavorful bite.
Remove boneless pork chops from the oven a few minutes earlier than bone-in to avoid overcooking. Both types are delicious, but boneless is easier for novice cooks.