Raw lamb whole shoulder on a grey background
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The Best Cut Of Meat To Use For The Juiciest Lamb Burgers
Distinctive from beef burgers, lamb ones are known for their gamey, sweet flavor and are in a class all their own. The flavors can be elevated by spices like coriander and mint.
Since ground lamb can be hard to get a hold of, it can be difficult to make lamb burgers at home. However, it’s possible to grind lamb yourself if you get the right cut.
The best cut for lamb burgers is the shoulder since it has enough fat to bind together, but is lean enough to be adaptable. Fresh lamb is at its best between April and October.
Located between the neck and ribs, the shoulder is a great cut for grinding. Grinding serves to tenderize the meat by breaking down tough muscle fibers.
The shoulder is leaner than other parts of the lamb, but still has enough fat to help bind patties and develop flavor. Just be sure not to overwork the meat or it can break apart.
Good lamb shoulder should be pink, with firm, white fat that is not too thick. The best way to ensure freshness is to grind it yourself or have a butcher do it for you.