Grilled flank steaks on a wire rack
The Best Cut Of Meat To Alternate For Flank Steak
If you need an alternative to flank steak, skirt steak or flat iron steak makes the best substitutes as their flavor, texture, and price are very similar.
Skirt steak is often confused with flank steak because of their similarities. Skirt steak is a tougher cut of meat, but it has more marbling, making it more flavorful.
Because of this marbling, skirt steak will require that you shorten the marination process. However, the cooking process will remain the same.
Flat iron steak is also known for its rich marbling. While it's still chewy due to a good amount of muscle fiber, it is still more tender than flank steak.
Unlike flank steak, flat iron steak can be cooked to medium, though medium-rare is recommended. It needs some softening up, so a marinade is a good idea.