close up of detroit style pepperoni pizza
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The Best Cheese To Use For Crispy Detroit-Style Pizza
Detroit-style pizza has quite a few unique attributes to distinguish it from more common styles, such as its thick crust and the practice of putting tomato sauce on top of a special cheese.
Eschewing shredded low-moisture mozzarella, Detroit pizza makers use brick cheese, a cheddar-like cheese originating in Wisconsin that has a mild but tangy flavor.
Brick cheese is somewhere between mozzarella and cheddar in terms of flavor, and has a smooth texture that melts easily into crispy, brown, bubbling layer.
Beyond its taste, brick cheese is also very fatty. This fat coats the whole pizza as the cheese melts, forming crispy cheese bits at the edges and cooking the whole crust in oil.
The fat from the cheese gives the crust of Detroit pizza its characteristic focaccia-like crispy bottom and oily flavor. Your only problem is finding where to buy brick cheese.
Brick cheese is not something you’ll see in a lot of grocery stores outside of the Detroit or greater Wisconsin area. Your best bet will be to check online shops.