Plate of spaghetti carbonara on solid black background
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The Best Cheese To Use For Authentic Carbonara
Carbonara is one of the signature pasta dishes that Rome is famous for, and if you want to recreate it properly, there’s one cheese you can’t forget to include: Pecorino Romano.
Pecorino Romano is a Roman cheese that makes sense for use in a Roman dish. It’s saltier than Parmigiano Reggiano and seasons the dish better, so the two are not the same.
Spaghetti is traditional for carbonara, but tonnarelli, bucatini, and rigatoni can also be used. You can sub in Parmigiano Reggiano for Pecorino, but it won’t be truly authentic.
Other essential ingredients include guanciale (pancetta or bacon are good substitutes), egg yolk, and black pepper, which all come together with the cheese to make a creamy sauce.