Three ripe peaches with water drops isolated on white background
The Best Canned Ingredient To Keep Handy For Summer Grilling
You may have heard of grilling fresh fruit, but canned peaches are also a surprisingly delicious grilling ingredient that you’ll want to keep within easy reach.
Canned peach halves can be quickly cooked on a hot grill and incorporated into your main dishes and sides, or served on their own or with other ingredients as dessert.
To grill canned peaches, pat them dry, then brush the surface with olive oil. Make sure the grill isn’t too hot and give each peach half some space so they caramelize properly.
Give each side a few minutes to cook, and once they've cooled a bit, add the sweet and smoky peaches to salads, sauces, chutneys, cakes, or on top of ice cream.