Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich on a Toasted Crusty French Roll with Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo
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The Best Bread To Use For Shrimp Po Boy Sandwiches
New Orleans' most famous sandwich, the po'boy, has a variety of fillings, from roast beef to sausage to fried oysters, but its most identifiable iteration uses fried shrimp.
While the fillings vary, the bread remains the same: a sturdy, crunchy crust for stability with a light, airy crumb that doesn't overshadow the fixings.
If you're in New Orleans, the bread of choice is a French-style roll from the storied Leidenheimer Bakery with a crispy crunch and fluffy interior but short shelf life.
If you're not in New Orleans, baguettes have a light blond, crunchy exterior that gives way to an airy interior and can be stacked with firm, fried shrimp.
Grocery stores and bakeries bake loaves daily, and some even make half-sized demi baguettes perfect for sandwiches.