Stack of raw burger patties
The Best Beef Ratio When Cooking Stovetop Burgers
When making a stovetop burger, the best beef ratio is 90/10, which is 90% lean meat and 10% fat. You’ll get a moist and flavorful burger with a beautiful crust.
While some burger lovers advocate for an 80/20 ratio, the extra fat can make the pan exceptionally greasy, meaning your burgers are swimming in grease unnecessarily.
Switching to a 90/10 beef, made from ground sirloin, can help limit the excess oil. It also minimizes the sizzling splatters that accompany it.
If you think 90/10 meat won’t be flavorful enough, split the difference and mix 80/20 with 90/10 to produce an 83/17 mix to get more flavor and less oil, or try an 85/15 ratio.