Classic baked beans in a rustic antique pan on blue picnic patterned towel
The Best Beans To Use In Any Homemade Baked Bean Recipe
When making homemade baked beans, you need to choose a type of bean that can withstand a long cooking time. Thick-skinned varieties like navy, kidney, or pinto work best.
Traditionally, navy beans are the go-to option because they're smaller than other varieties, and stay tender but not mushy after hours of cooking. Other beans still work well.
Kidney, pinto, cannellini, and Great Northern beans will all work, and are packed with fiber and protein. Keep in mind that baked beans take a long time to make from scratch.
It can take up to two hours for dried beans to get tender while cooking, and that's after you've soaked them for a while. This gives you plenty of time to perfect your sauce.