Jameson Glazed Salmon, an 8 oz. grilled North Atlantic salmon filet glazed with an old fashioned jameson sauce. At Ganly's Irish Pub and Restaurant in Lower Heidelberg, PA Tuesday afternoon March 7, 2017 for a story on Irish food. Photo by Ben Hasty (Photo By Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)
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The Best (And Worst) Type Of Marinade For Salmon
Salmon is a delicious, protein-rich meal option that takes well to a variety of flavors, from sweet and savory teriyaki to citrusy lemon pepper. If you're thinking about marinating skin-on salmon to add extra flavor and moisture, the flavors of the marinade definitely matter, but the base of the mixture matters just as much.
An oil-based marinade is ideal for salmon, and while you don't have to stay away from watery ingredients like vinegar and citrus juice, water-based marinades make it difficult for the skin to crisp up, since the fish absorbs too much water. Using mostly oil in your marinade makes the salmon tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.
It's also important not to marinate salmon for over 30 minutes, which can make the fish mushy, especially if you use acids like vinegar. Too much salt can also dry out the fish, so try a sweet and savory marinade with soy sauce, brown sugar, and vegetable oil, or add flavor without extra salt by using mustard, red wine vinegar, and herbs.