Fried fish with french fries on a plate
The Best Amount Of Time To Fry Fish
The ideal amount of time to fry fish is in the sweet spot of three to five minutes per side for average-sized filets, but larger pieces call for more patience.
The larger the filet, the more gradual the cooking should be. An extra minute or two per side is needed to strike the right balance between the crust and the interior’s doneness.
Pan-frying fish involves careful orchestration of heat, oil, and time intending to achieve that coveted golden-brown crust while ensuring the fish remains moist and fully cooked.
During the first few minutes of cooking, as the fish makes contact with the hot pan, the outer layers react to the high heat, forming a delicate crust.
This sear locks in the juices, preventing the fish from too much oil absorption. The three to five-minute range per side ensures that the exterior cooks to a perfect crispness.