Large blocks of Gruyère cheese on a wooden cutting board
The Best Affordable Substitute You Should Get For Gruyère Cheese
The Swiss-made Gruyère cheese adds a rich, creamy, and nutty flavor to any recipe, including French onion soup. However, its excellent flavor comes with a hefty price tag.
An affordable substitute for Gruyère is American Swiss cheese, which is widely available prepackaged or behind virtually any deli counter.
Although cheaper, this unique cheese filled with holes has a slightly sweet and mild flavor that melts like a dream. It’s even made in a way similar to Gruyère.
Swiss cheese is perfect for sandwiches, soups, pasta dishes, and any recipe that calls for chewy, gooey cheese.
If price isn’t an issue but you can’t find Gruyère, opt for imported European cheeses like Jarlsberg, Comté, Emmental, or Fontina for delicious flavor and plenty of melty goodness.