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The Berry Tip You Need For Perfectly Fruity Scones
American scones have taken the more plain British version and added non-traditional ingredients like cheese, chives, and fruits like cranberries and blueberries. Baking berry scones is straightforward, but if you’re worried about ruining the dough with too much moisture when you add the watery berries, try using frozen berries.
When compared to fresh berries, frozen berries don't release much liquid during mixing or baking, and are sturdy enough to withstand folding into the batter. Fresh, delicate berries can get smashed and add excess liquid to the batter, making it thinner and more watery instead of thick, which can ruin the scones' fluffy texture.
Furthermore, scone dough should always be kept cold so that the scones' fluffy layers puff up in the oven, and using cold frozen berries helps to prevent the dough from rising to room temperature during the folding process. The finished product will be a scone with a light buttery crumb that offers bursts of berry flavor in every bite.