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The Benefits Of Grilling Salmon In Foil Packets
Salmon is at its best when its skin is crispy, the glaze has caramelized, and the inside is not dry. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by cooking up your salmon filet in foil, which ensures a gentle bake, and doesn't require flipping or scraping the salmon off the pan.
By wrapping individual salmon filets in tin foil packages, moisture from the fish gets locked inside and partially steams the meat. The tin foil also ensures that your salmon glaze will caramelize, and all the rich flavor won't burn off.
To make a tin foil packet, fold the foil directly around the filet, make sure to season and glaze the fish before sealing it inside, and leave a small opening at the top to release any excess steam. The salmon will be cooked quickly and evenly, ensuring a delicious end result.