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The Ben & Jerry's Holiday Flavor That Was A Total Flop
Although many dessert brands release holiday-themed treats to great success, not all of them end up on the nice list — just ask Ben & Jerry. While Ben & Jerry's has launched great holiday ice creams in the past, one of its old Christmas flavors was such a flop, the company has expressed confusion as to how it got past the testing phase.
In 1986, Ben & Jerry's released two holiday flavors inspired by "The Nutcracker": the Nutcracker Sweet and Sugar Plum, the latter of which consisted of plum-flavored ice cream infused with caramel. Though this ice cream was named after the fairy from the classic Christmas tale, the Sugar Plum flavor tasted like anything but magic.
Peter Lind, who creates new flavors at Ben & Jerry's, regards Sugar Plum as their worst flavor, and countless negative reviews seem to agree that tart plum plus caramel just isn't a great-tasting combo. In the three weeks after its release, only a single Sugar Plum pint was sold, making it the brand’s biggest commercial failure.