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The Ben & Jerry's Flavor Inspired By Seinfeld's Beloved Anti-Holiday
If you love "Seinfeld," you likely remember the episode where Frank Costanza creates the holiday Festivus, an alternative to the commercialized, religion-based Christmas. "Seinfeld" writer Dan O'Keefe celebrated this anti-holiday with his family in real life, and it became even more famous when it inspired a Ben & Jerry's flavor.
Ben & Jerry's rolled out their Festivus ice cream flavor around Christmas of 2000, two years after "Seinfeld" concluded. The flavor featured brown sugar cinnamon ice cream, a ginger caramel swirl, and gingerbread cookie chunks, and while it was only sold under the Festivus name for two years, the flavor returned in disguise.
The Festivus ice cream returned under the name Gingerbread Cookie in 2004, then Gingersnap in 2009. The treat sounds more enticing than Costanza's traditional Festivus meal of meatloaf over lettuce, and this ice cream may even return someday to be served during the Airing of Grievances by the aluminum Festivus pole.