Leuven Town hall, Belgium
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The Belgian City Every Beer Fan Should Visit
If you love both traveling and beer, Leuven, Belgium is a must-visit European city for you, home to many quaint pubs, unique breweries, and cutting-edge beer innovations.
You’ll find breweries like Braxatorium Parcensis, which is located in an abbey, and Brewery De Kroon, where flavor expert Professor Freddy Delvaux puts his knowledge to work.
You can also find the world’s largest brewery, AB InBev, which produces over 500 brands like Budweiser, Corona, Modelo, and Stella Artois, and has been running since 1366.
Moreover, Leuven is at the forefront of beer innovation, with the university KU Leuven operating a beer research center, and Brewery De Kroon running its own beer lab as well.
For those of us unable to visit Leuven, you can still experience the city’s beer offerings through imported beers, like those from AB InBev and other Belgian-style beers.