A glass of Batanga cocktail
The Batanga Cocktail Starts With A Bottle Of Coca-Cola
Few drinks go well with alcohol like Coca-Cola, as its palate smoothens a stiff pour in many cocktails. Batanga is one such cocktail that deliciously blends Coke with tequila.
Batanga combines lime juice with a blanco expression of tequila, mixed and topped with Coke over ice. Bartenders mix it up with a lime-slicing knife and make a salt rim.
The original recipe favors Mexican-style Coke, which uses cane sugar, as well as small limes and salt used as rim garnish, though a few bartenders also mix it with lime juice.
The cocktail is open to reinterpretation, but typically, 1.5 or two ounces of tequila is used, with some even incorporating additional liquor like Ancho Reyes or Fernet Vallet.