Falling cauliflower isolated on a white background
The Basting Technique For Flavor-Infused Grilled Cauliflower Every Time
As a steak alternative, grilled cauliflower benefits from basting to enhance flavor and achieve a beautifully scorched exterior.
Basting grilled cauliflower enables consistent Maillard reactions. The dripping seasoning causes flare-ups, meaning the final result will be scorched and infused with flavor.
To prepare cauliflower for grilling, ensure even cooking and flavor by slicing it thickly or pre-cooking it in the microwave so it's easier to maintain on the grill.
Create a flavorful basting mixture, such as an olive oil-based spice blend or a buttery sauce infused with garlic, paprika, or brown sugar, to enhance caramelization and taste.
Continuous basting throughout grilling ensures a beautifully colored and aromatic outcome, elevating the grilled cauliflower experience.