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The 'Basic' Sauce That Can Take 3 Days To Make
Many cultures build their meals around unique seasonings and sauces, but not all of these are as simple as tomato sauce or hollandaise. For example, Mexican mole sauce comes in many varieties that utilize different ingredients and techniques, and the most labor-intensive of them all is the Oaxacan mole negro.
Chef Rick Bayless calls mole negro "the holy grail of Mexican cooking," but adds that it is no small feat to prepare. His recipe takes 3 days to make and calls for 26 ingredients, including Mexican chocolate, raisins, plantains, and three types of chile peppers, plus corn tortillas and bolillo (Mexican bread) to thicken the sauce.
The first day of Bayless’s 3-day recipe is devoted to cleaning, toasting, and soaking dried chile peppers, toasting nuts and seeds, roasting tomatoes and tomatillos, and browning onions, garlic, and raisins. The ingredients simmer together on the second day, and the third day is dedicated to adjusting the seasonings to your liking.