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The Basic Gadget Martha Stewart Uses To Peel Garlic Fast
While peeling cloves of garlic is a pain, everyone from home cooks to renowned chefs has a trick or two up their sleeve to make the job easier. If you enjoy looking at new kitchen gadgets, you may be interested in Martha Stewart's tool of choice for peeling garlic in a flash, which she demonstrated in a TikTok video.
In the video, Stewart prepares a large pile of garlic for confiting by using a silicone garlic peeler that she sells as a part of her cookware line. This tool consists of nothing more than a hollow tube in which you place a single garlic clove, then you firmly press the tube down and roll it back and forth until the peel comes right off.
If you need to peel a lot of garlic quickly, Stewart has another trick that she revealed on "The Martha Stewart Show," where you take two bowls of equal size and place the garlic head in one, and put the other tightly inside of it. After turning over the top bowl, shake vigorously, and voila, all the garlic will be perfectly peeled.