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The Basic Etiquette You Have To Know For Conveyer Belt Sushi
Conveyor belt sushi restaurants let customers pick their sushi from a conveyor belt that runs the length of the counter, but diners are expected to follow a specific set of rules.
While it's tempting to pick up a plate and get a better look, don't touch anything on the belt unless you plan to take it. Look at the menu for more details about what the dish is.
If nothing on the conveyor belt appeals to you and you've decided to custom order your sushi, remember to take it and eat it as a courtesy to the chef who made the order.
While you could take more than one plate, this is frowned upon, as this can seem excessive — so be sure to stick to one plate at a time.
Once you're done with your sushi, set your plate to one side and organize them by color and design so that the staff can figure out how much you need to pay at the end of the meal.