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The Basic Egg Dish José Andrés Calls 'Life Changing'
World-renowned chef José Andrés is a big fan of eggs, and attributes his love of the ingredient to his Spanish heritage. Fried eggs are Andrés' favorite egg preparation, and not only can fried eggs be found in many of his restaurants, but they're also the focal point of a dish Andrés' learned from his mother, which he calls "life-changing."
To begin making this dish, Andrés says that instead of following the traditional method of frying eggs, he cracks his eggs into a heated pan with oil and cooks them with the pan tilted the entire time, so that the eggs poach in the pool of oil. He then uses a spoon to fold the white over the yolk, resulting in a puffy egg with a runny yolk.
Andrés explains that his mother would roast red peppers until the skin is charred and could be easily removed along with the seeds, then she added oil, garlic, water, and sherry vinegar. The chef says the jammy and sweet peppers themselves "deserve a round of applause," but paired with his unique fried eggs, it's life-changing.