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The Basic Drink That's Starbucks' Top Seller In Italy
The first Starbucks locations got their inspiration from Italy’s coffeehouses, but when the time came to enter the Italian market, the company struggled to make a breakthrough. Italians are very particular about their coffee, but Starbucks won over customers with a drink that is rather different from what's popular in the States.
In many countries, Starbucks is most popular for its customizable Frappuccinos and other drinks loaded with flavors and toppings, but in Italy, all anyone wants is good old espresso. A solo espresso is the top-selling Starbucks drink in the country, and CEO Howard Schultz says this validates the quality of the famous chain's coffee.
Many Italians enjoy shots of espresso throughout the day, which contributes to the success of this Starbucks order. The company has certainly come a long way; the building site of the first Italian Starbucks underwent vandalism, and some citizens complained about being "invaded by American scenery," though this attitude has waned quite a bit.