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The Bartender Tip To Remember For Saving Money On Sugary Cocktails
One of the advantages of a sugary cocktail is that you can go low-budget' with the booze — as in, indulging in the well rather than paying premium prices for top-shelf liquors.
In fact Paul Kushner, bartender, pub owner, and CEO of MyBartender, suggested to Insider that "Upgrading to premium liquor in a sugary drink isn't worth the extra cost."
Indeed, both the sugar — and the carbonation (where soda is involved) — have a way of dulling the effect of the complex notes that help make premium liquor worth the price.
In other words, if you're going to bother shelling out for a fine sipping liquor, you might as well drink it neat instead of diluting it with ice cubes, soda, and other mixers.
The only reason you should ever pay for premium liquor in a sugary cocktail is that the cheaper the booze, the more likely it is to contain the impurities that worsen hangovers.
However, brown liquors, by nature, correlate with worse hangovers than lighter-colored spirits anyway. So, on your next night out, don't be shy about pointing below the top shelf.