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The Banana Trick To Quickly Ripen An Avocado
If you're an avocado connoisseur, you've likely memorized all the ways to tell if an avocado is ripe enough to eat. Still, avocados are notorious for having finicky timing which can sometimes prove frustrating even for the best of us; however, there’s a hack that will give you a perfectly ripe avocado in no time—and you only need two items.
You can quickly ripen an avocado by simply tossing an unripe avocado into a paper bag along with a ripe banana. With both the fruits inside, fold the bag, loosely seal it, and place it on your kitchen counter where it can sit for a couple of days—make sure your kitchen stays at room temperature.
While the hack still works without the addition of an extra fruit with the avocado, it definitely speeds up the process if you include it. This way, the bag will trap the ethylene gas that is released during the ripening process of both fruits, which the unripe avocado can then reabsorb to ripen faster.