Fresh maked raw uncooked italian pasta ravioli with flour and vintage pasta cutter over bright blue wooden background. Top view with copy space. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The Baking Tool That Will Cut Ravioli Without The Need For A Fancy Mold
When cutting homemade ravioli, a ravioli tray or mold ensures an even shape, but baking tools like a circular pastry or cookie cutter can get the job done just as well.
A circular cookie cutter evenly and efficiently cuts out pasta dough for round ravioli. If you have a fun set of cookie cutters, try experimenting with other shapes as well.
No matter which cutter you use, make sure it’s at least three to four inches across, as anything skinnier will make the pasta cutouts too small without enough space for filling.
You can cut out your circles, add filling, and sandwich them together, or space dollops of filling across a dough sheet, add another sheet on top, and cut the ravioli out.