Several boiled eggs cut in half and topped with pepper and herbs
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The Baking Staple That Makes Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs A Breeze
While boiled eggs are delicious and nutritious, no one likes trying to peel stubborn eggs that are thoroughly stuck to their shells. A common solution is to use older eggs, since they have higher pH levels that weaken the bonds between the egg white and the shell, but there's also a way to add a higher pH to your eggs directly.
Adding about half a teaspoon of baking soda to every quart of water you're using to boil eggs can make the peeling process a breeze. This baking staple will increase the pH level of fresher eggs, much like time does naturally, making it easier to peel the shell away without losing chunks of egg whites stuck to it.
While adding baking soda may lead your eggs to have a more sulfurous smell, it won’t affect their taste in any way. For a seamless peeling experience, you can also try incorporating other tricks, like shocking the cooked eggs right away in an ice bath and letting them cool down before you try peeling them.