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The Baking Staple Ina Garten Says Doesn't Need To Be Homemade
Chef Ina Garten is all about simplicity, a philosophy that falls in line with her catchphrase we all know and love: "Store-bought is fine." Garten claims that one baking staple in particular does not need to be homemade, and accepting that you don’t need to make it from scratch will save you a whole lot of time and tears in the kitchen.
Garten always has some frozen puff pastry on hand for everything for tarts, cookies, and more, and she points out that making it from scratch is far too time-consuming, saying, "Believe me if you had to make it yourself, you would never make palmiers." She goes on to share that her go-to brand for puff pastry is Pepperidge Farm.
Puff pastry is a key ingredient in some of Garten’s favorite recipes, including the aforementioned palmier cookies, as well as her savory ham and cheese puff pastries. If you need puff pastry ASAP, but can't find it in the frozen food section of your local grocery store, try buying phyllo dough at a Mediterranean deli to sub in.