A plate of cooked collard greens with bacon
The Baking Soda Tip For More Flavorful Collard Greens
By adding a dash of baking soda to your collard greens, you create an extra line of defense against bitterness, with a few more unexpected perks for color and texture.
In the case of collard greens, baking soda's utility is threefold, serving as a flavor enhancer, a tenderizer, and a color protector, thanks to its alkaline properties.
Add one teaspoon of baking soda to the boiling water. As an alkaline ingredient, it will make the water alkaline, protecting the chlorophyll in green vegetables from breaking down.
The cooking liquid must reach a boiling point to maximize baking soda's alkalinity so that it can work effectively. You can then lower the heat and slow cook as per the recipe.