WASHINGTON, DC -Herb Roasted Chicken with natural jus at Opaline in the Sofitel Hotel photographed in Washington, DC. (Photo by Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post via Getty Images).
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The Baking Pan You Can Use For Perfect Roast Chicken
Roasting chicken can be pretty difficult, especially if you're juggling it alongside various side dishes that also need their own space in the oven. Instead of using a roasting pan, which takes up a lot of space, try using a Bundt pan, which also lets you knock out a delicious veggie side dish at the same time.
A Bundt pan allows your chicken to stand upright, and if you fill the bottom of the pan with vegetables, the chicken's juices will drip down and imbue them with a delicious savory flavor as they cook. Just be sure to put a baking sheet underneath to prevent fat and drippings from burning on the bottom of your oven.
Food Network has a recipe for Bundt Pan Roast Chicken in which they place foil over the raised hole in the Bundt pan, then prop the chicken on top with the raised column inside the bird's cavity. This method ensures that no juices are lost and the vegetables or potatoes below can soak up all the goodness.