An open pack of ground beef
The Baking Gadget That Makes Freezing Ground Beef A Breeze
To prevent freezer burn and prevent your ground beef’s texture from turning mushy when freezing it, all you need is one popular baking tool: a rolling pin.
To effectively freeze ground beef with a rolling pin, roll down and over against the meat until it flattens entirely, being sure to squash any lingering air pockets.
A rolling pin helps portion out the ground beef and makes freezer storage convenient. The tool addresses your meat’s composition and helps circumvent the effects of freezing.
In the freezer, any lingering moisture in your ground beef will turn into ice crystals, weakening the structure and softening. Using a rolling pin circumvents these effects.
If you don’t have a rolling pin, don’t fret. You can use anything in your kitchen that’s cylindrical, like a wine bottle, to achieve the same results.