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The Bakery Where You Can Find Meghan Markle's Favorite Sourdough
By Michelle Welsch
Duchess Meghan Markle spent close to six years living in Toronto while she was filming "Suits,” where she also documented some of her favorite foods on her blog The Tig—which was deactivated before she married her now-husband, Prince Harry. One Toronto-based bakery, in particular, caught Markle's eye back then for its delicious sourdough loaf.
Blackbird Baking Co. sells a collection
of cookies, pastries, and baked goods, including Markle’s favorite Kensington sourdough loaf. What makes the bread special is that it is made with red fife flour which delivers richer, more complex flavors than other kinds of wheat, and bread made with the ingredient ends up moist and less crumby than other varieties.
According to Insider, the bakery’s Kensington sourdough loaf is "sophisticated with a strong personality" and smells of sweetly toasted wheat with a slightly sour aroma. Besides its delicious flavor, sourdough bread has several health advantages, including the fact that it is a prebiotic food rich in minerals and antioxidants and has less gluten than other forms of bread.